Parenting Spirited Young People


Sometimes it feels like no matter how many books you read, people you talk to, or parenting programmes you watch, no-one seems to know the answers to the problems you face with your particular child. The Parenting Spirited Young People course on offer at Catholic Social Services is taking an alternative approach to looking at parenting by looking first at ourselves, as parents. Who are we? Why do we do the things we do? Why do we react to some things with such intensity? What have we learnt from our parents? This course covers topics such as personality styles, attachment, birth order, and the influence of the family tree, and how all of this impacts the way we parent our children. We explore anger and conflict, look at alternative ways to interact and communicate. We tap into our innate strengths and our own learning style to help support change – for both us as parents and our children. Suitable for parents of children from all age groups.

 This course runs over six weeks on Wednesday mornings. If you are interested please contact us for further information on when the next course begins. Placement bookings are essential as numbers are limited.



Phone reception to register – 03 379 0012.